[FibreMood] Nina Dress

Image from Hi all! I had not yet shared the FibreMood Nina dress I finished in August. Honestly it was such a headache-inducing project that I needed some time to "forgive" the dress. But I wore it again during our October trip to Florence, Italy, and it deserves to be posted! Image from… Continue reading [FibreMood] Nina Dress

Bag Making, Sewing

[ByAnnie] Catch All Caddy

Hi all! Today I am sharing my lastest in bag-making, which is the Catch All Caddy from ByAnnie that I made for my Aunt! She picked the fabric and hardware colour and "all" I hade to do was sew it... LOL! I don't have any pictures from construction, but instead some detailed shots of the… Continue reading [ByAnnie] Catch All Caddy


[Neue Mode M20120] Red Velvet Robe

Hi all! In March I finished this red velvet robe for my fiancé, who requested it for his birthday. He is pretty tall and has longer-than-average arms, so perfect to make a custom robe for. He chose the design and colours and I did the rest. For the pattern I chose Neue Mode M20120, an… Continue reading [Neue Mode M20120] Red Velvet Robe


[Haakplein] Cosy 2.0 crochet blanket

Last year I decided to crochet a blanket, because I needed something mindless to do while watching TV. I picked the Haakplein Cosy 2.0 blanket - started in August last year and finished in January, but never got around to crocheting a border. That's finished now, so it's time to share my first crochet blanket!… Continue reading [Haakplein] Cosy 2.0 crochet blanket


[La Maison Victor] Jewel dress

Hi everyone! Today I am sharing a make from last year, my LMV Jewel dress in a vintage reproduction cotton poplin! I didn't take a lot of pictures of the construction but figured I would share it anyway. The pattern I used is the Jewel dress by La Maison Victor, which is a Belgian sewing… Continue reading [La Maison Victor] Jewel dress